A few words about me

I come by my creativity and problem solving skills honestly. My mother was a very talented artist, working with every medium including fabric, wool, glass and paint. My father had the brilliant engineering mind with the uncanny ability to fix anything. I'm a blend of both of them.  I like to say I'm both right, and left, brained. Creative, resourceful and determined; when I want something, I don't often let things stand in my way.

The Serenity Inspired locket is proof of that. One day, early in recovery, I set out to find a piece of jewelry to hold my 24-hour Recovery Medallion. I went to the biggest store I knew that offered such items. There wasn't anything like what I had in my mind. You see, while I'm not ashamed of my chip, I don't find it particularly fashionable, so wearing it on a chain around my neck wasn't attractive to me. I wanted it with me, hidden, but still accessible.



A B O U T  

Leaving the store that day, I set out on a mission. Many craft, jewelry, and hardware store visits later I had something that worked. It was simple and pretty and was the new home of my beloved recovery chip. When I wasn't wearing it, which wasn't often, it lived clipped to my purse. I loved it! Turns out, my friends loved it too and I got many compliments on it. When they realized it was also a chip holder they were amazed.


A few months pass when I got a call from a friend who inquired about purchasing lockets for herself and her friends for Christmas. I'd not given selling them any thought but I was itching to get back into my creative brain so the timing was perfect. I didn't know it then, but that was the beginning of Serenity Inspired. That original piece has since been retired and replaced with a custom designed locket made out of stainless steel. It's strong enough to be a keychain, yet delicate and pretty enough to wear as a statement piece on a chain.


The response to this locket has been nothing short of miraculous. People seem to be drawn to it, almost instinctively. I believed my friends in recovery would like it, but those who aren't in a program love it as well.  Even kids seem to "get" it. The little notepad that replaces the chip (for those who don't have a chip) needs no explanation as people naturally know what they want to write in their locket.


The creative and spiritual process that happens when working on each piece is powerful for me. I take great pride in crafting each locket with love and attention, with the knowledge that this simple piece of jewelry can make a profound effect on the happiness of others. I've found that through the creation of each and every piece I become a stronger, more loving, and more spiritually fit person.

With love,



"This above all, to thine own self be true"

- William Shakespeare


a b o u t   u s